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1931 Shuichi Amano, founder of Amano Corporation established "Amano Manufacturing" in Kamata, Tokyo.
1939 Amano Manufacturing transformed into a joint-stock corporation.
1942 The head office relocated to the Yokohama factory site.
1943 Construction of Mie factory starts in Nabari, Mie Prefecture.
1944 Abolished the Kamata factory, the Mie factory (designated as munition plant) completed and starts operation.
1945 The end of WWII closes down the Mie factory.
In November, "Yokohama Equipment Corporation" established and resumes the manufacturing of time recorders.
1949 Amano Manufacturing dissolved under the Corporate Reconstruction Act.
1951 Industrial cleaners and spray equipment added to product line.
R&D of Liquless (drain separator) starts. (Entered into Environmental Business)
1953 Amano Special Machinery established for manufacturing of Liquless etc.
1956 Yokohama Equipment Corp. incorporated into Amano Special Machinery.
1958 Amano rebuilds headquarters & Yokohama factory. The motto of Amano, "Don, Kon, Un" established.


1961 Amano listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1964 Amano Time Systems (ATS), the first overseas subsidiary established in New York.
1966 The company name changed to Amano Corporation.
1967 Amano listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Amano starts to sell parking ticket dispensers (Amano Parking Master) (Entered into Parking Business)
1968 Amano released Areco Data System. (Expanded business field into Time Information System)
1969 Completed Hosoe factory (Shizuoka Pref.), Amano starts manufacturing of pollution-related products
such as dust collectors and certain parts of time recorders.
1970 Spun off Hosoe factory and established Tokai Amano Corporation.
1972 Amano Europe, S.A. established in Brussels, Belgium.
Amano listed on the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1973 Amano launched production and sales of Parking lot management equipment (Automatic Pay Station).
1977 ATS renamed "Amano America, Inc."(A.A.I.).
Amano wins quality excellence award, Gold Mercury Award from Yugoslavia.
Commemorating the founder Shuichi Amano, the Amano Memorial Hall constructed.
1979 Amano America Manufacturing, Inc. (A.A.M.), the manufacturing plant of AAI completed and overseas production launched.


1980 Interecorder, the first microcomputer based time recorder released.
1981 Head Office building and Kanagawa branch office completed. (50th Anniversary)
1982 Amano entered into Clean system business (Floor cleaning business).
1983 Specialized Maintenance Factories established in major cities across the nation to enhance maintenance service of Environmental business.
The manufacturing and sales of [ARECOM 3000], the payroll accounting and attendance management multi-computer, launched.
1984 Showrooms (DSS: Demonstration Showrooms) open at the head office, Ginza, and Osaka.
Pnematic powder conveyance system test plant established (at the head office). Amano enters into pneumatic powder conveyance business.
1986 Amano R&D center established in Yokohama head office.
Amano Information System Corp. established. (Software development and payroll accounting consignment service)
1987 Tsukui factory established in Tsukui, Kanagawa Prefecture. (Production of time recorders, PCB, injection molding parts)
1989 Amano sets up Amano Environment Technology Center within the head office premises.
1989 The production base, AAM and sales office, AAI consolidated and established Amano Electronics of America, Inc.
Amano Electronics Europe, N.V. (AEE) established in Limbourg, Belgium.
Amano Information System Corporation renamed to A.I.S.
A.I.S. Kobe Payroll Service Center opened in Kobe. (Payroll accounting consignment service)
Integrated manufacturing plant for cleaning system products built in Hosoe factory.


1990 Tsukui factory expanded production line for time recorders. (constructed 2nd building)
Amano acquires top manufacturer of industrial floor polishing, Pioneer/Eclips Corporation (North Carolina, U.S.A.).
Amano established a U.S. holding company, Amano International USA (A.I.U.).
1991 Amano awarded the Commander of the Order of the Crown of Belgium.
Nabari Training Center opens in Nabari city, Mie prefecture. (in commemoration of the 60th anniversary)
Amano Corporation and Tokai Amano Corporation merged to form Amano Corporation Hosoe factory.
Amano acquires Cincinnati Time, Inc.(C.T.I.).
1992 A.I.U. renamed to Amano Partners USA, Inc.(A.P.U.).
Consolidated A.E.A. and C.T.I. to newly establish Amano Cincinnati,Inc.(A.C.I.).
Miyakoda Techno Factory completed in Miyakoda, Hamamatsu.
1993 Amano Cleantech Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (A.C.M.) established in Malaysia.
1994 Amano sets up Shanghai representative office and Seoul branch office.
The integrated production factory for standard dust collectors built in Hosoe factory to expand environmental business.
1995 The Environmental Technology Center became independent and renamed Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
The Aqua System Production Division newly established and entered into functional water busiess.
The Shanghai representative office upgraded to subsidiary to form Amano International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Amano Time&Air Singapore Pte.,Ltd. (A.T.A.S.) established in Singapore.
1996 AIS Corporation renamed to SSS Corporation.
The nationwide Payroll Service Center renamed to Solution Center.
Established A.M.S. to expand management service business.
Seoul branch office upgraded to a subsidiary to form Amano Korea Corporation (A.K.C..
Amano acquired Business Machine Interface, Canada.
Amano sets up Trutrac in North America.
Amano Blic International (A.B.I.) jointly established by Amano Corporation and BLIC PLC, U.K..
1997 Obtained international certication for SAP R/3 System HR-PDC (an interface software for the Human Resource module)
Yokohama factory obtained ISO9002 certification. (Accredited by JAB and UKAS)
1998 Tsukui factory obtains ISO9002 certification (Accredited by JAB and UKAS)
Established PT Amano Indonesia (PTAI) in Indonesia.
Obtained international certication for SAP R/3 System PP-PDC (an interface software for the Production Management module SFDC-COM)
Strong acidic electrolylic water generator FW-1000M approved as medical equipment under Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.
Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is moved to Miyakoda factory.
Amano's strong acidic electrolylic water generator obtains approval as a Pesticidal Device from U.S. EPA First Japanese manufacturer to receive approval.
1999 Established Amano Maintenance Engineering Corporation (A.M.E.) .
Hosoe factory obtains ISO9002/ISO14001 certification (Accredited by JAB and UKAS)


2000 Tsukui factory obtains ISO14001 certification. (Accredited by JAB and UKAS)
Established CSJ Corporation for internet sourcing, ASP, and SAP HR consulting business.
Established AMANO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD. specialized in software development.
2001 PC connecting time recorder "Time P@CK" business lauched.
E-timing center established to launch time authentication services and time stamp services.
Integrated the electrolytic water and environment prevservation products businesses to establish Amano Eco Technology Corporation (A.E.T.).
Galaxy building (CSJ) and AA building (AMS)built. (in commemoration of the 70th anniversary)
Established ASE USA,Inc. U.S specialized in dveloping software for information systems.
Yokohama factory obtains ISO9001:2000 certification. (Accredited by JAB UKAS)
2002 AME starts regular check and filter exchange business of dust collectors installed in waste combustors.
Amano acquires Musashi Electric Corporation, a leading company manufacturing electric polishers.
Amano acquires the business rights of OMRON Corporation's parking business.
Established ASE R&D Europe N.V. in Belgium, a information systems software developer.
2003 Established Amano Time Business Corporation (A.T.B.).
ACI Ohio factory obtains ISO9001:2000 certification (Accredited by EAGLE).
2004 ASE Shanghai obtains ISO9001:2000 certification (Accredited by UKAS).
CSJ Corporation renamed to Amano Business Solutions Corporation (A.B.S).
Parking Information System Company, @Park Korea Corporation Ltd. established in Korea.
Personal Information Protection Compliance Program introduced.
2005 ATB accredited as the first Time Authority and Time Stamping Authority service provider.
Amano Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. established in Malaysia.
Operating officer system introduced.
Number of stock per unit reduced from 1000 to 100.
2006 AMS renamed to Amano Management Service Corporation.
Musasi Electronics renamed to Amano Musashi Electronics Corporation.
The 2nd Galaxy building completed and group companies (AMS, AME, ATB) move in.
ACI US acquires Industrial Time & Systems,Inc. (ITS), a parking and information security company.
2007 Miyakoda factory and Environmental Technology Co., Ltd obtains ISO14001:2004 certifications. (Accredited by UKAS and JAB)
Amano acquires the business rights of OMRON T・A・S CO.,LTD.'s parking business.
Amano aquires Terry McGann & Associates,Inc., a leading parking management company in the US.
Established Amano Europe Holdings N.V. (A.E.U.).
Logistic center and Pneumatic Powder Conveyance System test plant completed in Hosoe factory.
Amano Musashi Eletric Corporation acquires Marubayashi Electric Corporation.
2008 Amano acquires Horosmart S.A, France and its subsidiaries Horoquartz S.A and Omnibadges S.A., time & information systems and card systems companies.
Amano Thai Internatonal Co.,Ltd (A.T.I) established in Thailand.
Time Stamp Solution Co.,Ltd (TSS) established in Korea.
2009 AMANO UK.Ltd established in the U.K.
2010 Amano acquires Connecticut-based Accu-Time Systems,Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of time and attendance terminals in the U.S.