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Employee Code of conduct

Be honest and modest
Our success is not about just abiding the law. Work honestly and sincerely in a dignified manner. Strive to always be humble and act with modesty.
Serve people and society with consideration and gratitude
Our employees will strive to think about what we can do, not just for our own or our company's benefit, but for other people and society. We will strive to express consideration and gratitude in everything we do.
Be Pleasant and Communicate
We will strive to interact pleasantly, greet people with a smile and to actively communicate. Even though email is now widely used, we value direct, face-to-face communication.
Be willing to put in the effort
We will strive to make earnest efforts to take on each task with enthusiasm. In order to achieve exceptional results, we must be persistent.
Commit to and Deliver on Our Goals
We will commit to work toward our goals before we start. We strongly believe in the realization of our objectives and will strive to achieve each target and finish what we've started with perseverance.
Engage in active and healthy lifestyles
We encourage employees to engage in active and healthy lifestyles as we believe that promotes a dynamic and focused workplace.
"True to the Basics"
We will strive to ensure that each and every one of our decisions and actions are true to the basics. By doing so, we believe we will reduce errors and complaints and improve quality.
Be open to change
We will maintain the good systems for which we have received recognition over the years, while actively making changes as necessary over time. We will respond flexibly to changing markets and environments to ensure that we can be a company that continues to prosper in the future.
Look out to the entire world
We will strive to create new value by looking to other areas and not limiting ourselves to our current businesses. We will make changes and grow in order to pave the way to the future.
Grow with our customers
We will strive to be mindful of our commitment to coexistence and co-prosperity and grow with our customers. We will listen to our customers, but we will also think carefully about what is truly beneficial for customers before taking action.
Always observe the worksite
We will not rely on reports and meetings alone but work to confirm the situation onsite, and consider options from the perspective of business partners, users, and onsite workers. We will strive to make proper judgments in all cases by confirming the actual site, the actual items, and the actual situation.
Be a representative of the Amano Brand
When we are with customers, we are representatives of the Amano Group. We will strive to stay updated on the knowledge of our products, technology, and customer services and act responsibly so as not to tarnish the Amano Brand.