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Initiatives for Preventing Global Warming

In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, Amano is working to promote the adoption of energy-saving programs.
We are pursuing these programs with the aim of achieving an annual 1% reduction in greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions compared to the FY2006 level.

  • Air conditioning control (i.e., keeping the room temperature at 28°C in summer and 20°C in winter) (implementation of [Cool Biz] and [Warm Biz])
  • Replacement of existing lights with LEDs and adherence to power saving initiatives
  • Implementation of water saving initiatives (i.e., prohibiting faucets from being left running and managing their use)
  • Implementation of energy-saving measures for PCs (i.e., turning them off when not in use)
  • Implementation of energy-saving measures for factory equipment and retrofitting where necessary
  • Reduction in the number of photocopiers and related devices by replacing them with energy-saving multifunction copiers
  • Provision of environmental guidance (on waste sorting, drainage, etc.) to cleaning companies
  • Promotion of eco-driving throughout the company
Introduction of EHP air conditioners (Head Office Factory) / Upgrading of GHP air conditioners (Hosoe Factory) / Improved air conditioning efficiency through the use of curtains / Upgrading of air conditioners (Hosoe Factory) / Installation of LED lighting equipped with motion sensors (Head Office) / Upgrading of lights to LEDs (Hosoe Factory)

Office initiatives

In 2007, our Sales and Service Divisions began gathering and quantitatively analyzing environmental stress data (electricity, gas, gasoline and other fuels, water consumption, etc.) from each branch and sales office.
To raise cost awareness of gasoline and light oil used to run company vehicles on public roads, the General Affairs Division displays the fluctuating oil prices on a company-wide bulletin board for all employees. The division also promotes eco-driving by analyzing the fuel consumption and announcing which branches and/or sales offices have the highest fuel efficiency.
Furthermore, since electricity account for over 95% (crude oil equivalent excluding fuel consumed by company vehicles) of the total energy consumption at our business sites (branches and sales offices), we ensure the thorough implementation of power and energy saving measures in daily operations.