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Green Procurement Initiatives

To provide the market with environmentally friendly, high-quality products, we prioritize the procurement of product materials and parts that cause the least amount of environmental burden. We have adopted the following policies as our basic procurement principles to ensure that we can deliver environmentally friendly products to our customers.

  1. Purchasing of environmentally friendly materials and parts
  2. Conduct business with companies that proactively implement environmental conservation initiatives
Sound and fair business transactions:Suppliers, Customers, Partner companies

Promotion of green procurement (green procurement guidelines)

One of the "Environmental Action Guidelines" in our environmental management system is the "promotion of green procurement". With a view to reducing environmental stress in our supply chain, we formulated the "Amano Corporation Green Procurement Guidelines." Based on these guidelines, we conduct surveys on raw & product materials, parts, and half-finished products including component units, delivered by our suppliers to check whether they contain any substances that we designate as hazardous. We ask our suppliers to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Conduct surveys on all procured raw materials and parts to check whether they contain regulated chemicals (submission of a JGP file*)
  2. Ensure that the raw materials and parts do not contain any chemicals that are designated as prohibited by Amano (submission of a certificate of non-use/non-inclusion)
  3. Avoid using chemicals that are designated as prohibited in manufacturing processes by Amano (submission of a certificate of non-use)

*A standard survey response tool developed by the Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI).

Green Procurement Guidelines, List of Regulated Chemicals