Action Policy

Based on the themes of “People & Time” and “People & the Environment,” we will promote business activities in an environmentally conscious manner and pursue environmental management from a broad perspective.

Amano’s management philosophy is to create new values and contribute to the realization of a safe, comfortable and a wholesome society in the fields of "People & Time" and "People & Environment." Under this management philosophy and based on an optimal governance structure that responds to changes in the business environment, we will strive to maximize corporate value by ensuring sustained growth through the creation of new businesses and markets with a medium-to-long term global perspective, in addition to expanding our existing businesses. Furthermore, we will aim to become a company that has the trust and high regard of all the stakeholders including customers, business partner companies, shareholders, employees and the local community by constantly returning a fair profit earned through business activities.

At Amano our “Environmental Vision”, which is what we envision as our future objective for environmental management, is the reduction of environmental burden through business activities as well as the creation of a sustainable society.

All Amano Group employees share the same “Environmental Principles” and are engaged in activities focused on achieving environmental quality in all phases of the business through actions based on our “Basic Environmental Policy”. To support this, we ensure the implementation of initiatives to reduce environmental impact and strive to enhance environmental conservation activities as well as to improve our environmental management system.
Furthermore, we take it as our responsibility to provide products, solutions and services that are designed to help preserve the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. To this end, we will further promote the development of new technologies and manufacturing with the aim of reducing global environmental impact.

The Amano Group aims to become a good corporate citizen that contributes to local communities. We will continue to collaborate and cooperate with local communities while simultaneously working as a global company to preserve the global environment.

Hiroyuki TSUDA
President & Representative Director