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Initiatives for Reducing Waste

All Amano Group companies are working towards a common goal of reducing the amount of waste that they generate in their business activities and promoting waste reuse and recycling with the aim of reducing waste disposal (i.e., non-recycled waste).

Reducing the total amount of industrial waste

The total amount of industrial waste generated by our three factories (Head Office, the Sagamihara Factory, and the Hosoe Factory) in FY2015 increased by approximately 1.6% from 1,876.8 tons in the base year (2006) to 1,906.4 tons. However, 1,860.8 tons of this waste was recycled and the amount of waste that was actually disposed of was just 45.6 tons. As a result, the recycling rate for the three factories has increased to 97.6%.

Developing and establishing waste-sorting awareness

To increase our recycling rate for paper and waste plastic, our factories work to raise employee awareness of the issue by holding follow-up study sessions and conducting waste-sorting patrols. Waste disposal at Amano does not end just by handing it over to the recycling companies. Members from the Sagamihara Factory has visited the thermal recycling (recycling waste into fuel) factory and confirmed that waste is actually being recycled into fuel. We plan to conduct periodic visits in the future to check compliancy of the recycling companies.

Reducing the use of photocopier paper

To reduce the consumption of photocopier paper, our factories are implementing initiatives on an ongoing basis to avoid year-on-year increases. These initiatives include using double-sided printing, using the blank side of used paper, providing electronic data instead of hard copies, and distributing fewer paper documents at conferences and meetings. We are also gradually replacing our existing printers and photocopiers with multifunction models (equipped with scanners) to reduce the use of paper by digitizing documents.

Paper usage (copy paper + computer paper)

Recycling of batteries

Since December 2012, we have been promoting initiatives that contribute to the creation of a recycling-based society by collecting used batteries for clean products and processing them for reuse or recycling. In FY2015, 109 of the batteries that we collected were processed for reuse and 6,214 of them were recycled.