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Prospects for the Future: Amano's Growth Strategies

We launched our three-year medium-term business plan in April 2020 based on the following business concept aimed at "The 3rd Stage Towards a 100-year Company -Establish a solid business foundation that leads to sustainable growth-"
In this section, we provide a concise overview of this plan.

Business concept

The 3rd Stage Towards a 100-year Company
-Establish a solid business foundation that leads to sustainable growth-

Numerical targets for FY2022

140.0 billion yen

(113.5 billion yen for FY2020)

Operating profit:
18.5 billion yen

(9.9 billion yen for FY2020)

Basic policies

    ①"Invest into Growth Drivers"
    • In response to the movement of DX (Digital Transformation), promote digitization and IT in each business field.
    • Solid strategic investments in growth drivers such as software assets, IoT, and AI, etc.
    • Continue to invest in venture and/or start-up companies and engage in M&A to build the sixth core business.
    ②"Absolute Competitive Edge"
    • Each business division and group company shall grasp their strengths using the SWOT analysis method and invest accordingly as in ① to further strengthen their advantages.
    • Through synergistic effects of the strengths revealed above, further enhance the competitive advantage.
    • Promote deepening and expanding the customer base.
    • Enhance product lineup which are in line with market trends.

Opportunities and strategies by business division


By enhancing the collaboration with our domestic group companies, and by utilizing our strengths in direct sales & support, we will seek to improve the quality and quantity of our proposals for comprehensive solutions for hardware, software, and services throughout our businesses. We are aiming to establish an unrivaled competitive advantage in all of our businesses by deepening our relationship with existing customers and to expand the business with our new customers.

Information Systems

Market environment:

Amid the sequential introduction of new provisions under the enforcement of work style reform laws, attention is given to how corporations intend to cope with future labor management, such as improving productivity, utilization of diverse human resources, and introduction of telework.

Amano's strategies:

  • Continue to offer comprehensive proposals for T&A, HR and payroll, and strengthen cloud services to accommodate electronic notifications and declarations.
  • Strengthen consultancy business and software marketing for T&A, HR, Payroll and Accounting by collaborating with CREO.

Parking Systems

Market environment:

The demands in parking lot management are diversifying. In addition to management efficiency, reduction of management costs, improved user convenience, and higher user safety and security, there are increased needs for online reservations and cashless payments via the Internet.

Amano's strategies:

  • Improve the functions and the operability of the systems.
  • Strengthen the collaboration with parking operators.
  • Provide various services through the parking lot data center.
  • Enhance and expand initiatives regarding facilities such as bicycle parking, security gates, and toll roads.

Environmental Systems

Market environment:

In light of deteriorating business sentiment capital investment motives are weak among both domestic and overseas companies.

Amano's strategies:

  • Enhance efforts to capture the demand for standard equipment.
  • Expand sales in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics markets.
  • Improve engineering capabilities and promote comprehensive product sales to include peripheral devices, through partnerships with industrial equipment manufacturers.
  • New proposals utilizing IoT.

Cleaning Systems

Market environment:

The market continues to face lingering issues such as cleaning cost reduction along with aging and shortage of cleaning workers.

Amano's strategies:

  • Expand the market for robotic cleaners and factories, strengthen recurring businesses.
  • Promote holistic solutions including commissioned cleaning services and building aesthetic maintenance.


North America

Parking systems:

Expand system sales and deploy new systems.

Information systems:

Expand the business by increasing T&A terminal sales and by enhancing cloud-based product sales.

Environmental systems:

Formulate a strategy for the North American market that includes Mexico.

Clean systems:

Expand the wood floor sanding equipment business by developing new markets and by discovering new commercial products.


Information systems:

Further enhance the customer base in the French market and expand the business into neighboring countries.

Parking systems:

Expand the business by deploying management services and system sales.


Parking systems:

Further strengthening of management services and deployment into new territories.

Environmental systems:

Enhance engineering capabilities, sales, and services towards Japanese transplants.
Build a supply chain network in each region.