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What differentiates Amano from its competitors?
Amano's "strengths"

Amano's commitment to quality throughout the more than 85 years since its foundation

Amano adheres to a corporate philosophy that has been passed down from its founder.
This philosophy is represented by the company motto of "Don, Kon, Un," which provides the foundation for the business activities of all Amano Group employees.
Don means to take the proper action. Kon means to show perseverance towards unrelenting efforts. Un means luck or good fortune.
Our company motto means that those who adhere to don (proper action) and kon (perseverance) will be blessed with un (good fortune) creating richness in heart and richer lifestyles. Remaining steadfast in our commitment to quality and continuing to make steady efforts are the very essence of our corporate existence. Our company's growth would not have been possible without this philosophy.

Corporate Motto 'Don, Kon, Un'

Face-to-face direct sales system

All of our business lines have established a direct sales system. We engage in direct communication to first handedly identify their needs and provide solutions, services, and products tailored for their needs. This is our commitment and how we do business.
We believe that it would not have been possible for us to achieve our current growth without this sales philosophy.

Today, we have developed a global network system consisting of 80 branch sales offices and 6 group companies in Japan, as well as 21 overseas group subsidiaries.

Domestic Network

Overseas Group Companies

Attentive after-sale services and support

In our business, although it is essential that we provide reliable products as a manufacturer, it is also vital that we are capable in providing quality after-sale services such as inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Our network has been developed not only to promote sales, but also to provide satisfaction to the customers who purchase our products.
We are proud that our continued commitment to providing high-quality after-sale services has helped support the steady growth of our company.

Development design→Manufacturing→Sales→customer→Installation engineering→Support & Maintenance(Improvements that have been made from requests and feedbacks from customers as well as through maintenance)→Development of new products

What does the future hold for Amano? What are the business opportunities? What is the growth strategies?
Lastly, let us give you an insight about the future of Amano.