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What Kind of Company Is Amano?

Our company in a nutshell:

We develop our businesses worldwide based on the themes of "people and time" and "people and the environment."


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※ March 31,2020

Amano products:

Have you ever seen any of the products below?
They are all Amano products.

Parking System
Bicycle Parking System
Work Force Management Systems
Access Control Systems
Time Cards
Dust Collectors
Floor Polishers
Floor Scrubbers

You probably haven't seen the following products, but these are all Amano products too.

Pneumatic Powder Conveying Systems

A transportation system in the factory that moves the "raw materials" using air without destroying its form.

Robotic Vaccum Cleaner

An industrial cleaning robot that is designed to reduce costs considerably by improving cleaning efficiency.

Crossing gate for road safety

A blocking bar that is designed to prevent vehicles from entering closed lanes at tollgates.

Business domain

As the above demonstrates, Amano is engaged in the manufacturing of a variety of different products, ranging from devices that we often encounter in our daily lives through to less familiar equipment that are often used in factories and public facilities.
In short, we are a manufacturing company that develops, manufactures, and sells products related to the themes of "people and time" (managing time to enable people to work and live more efficiently) and "people and the environment" (improving working and living environments to enable people to work and live more comfortably).

[Time Information Systems Business:72%] Parking Systems(Manufacture and sale of parking systems for cars, motorcycles and bicycles.)47% / Time Management Products (Manufacture and sale of time management products, such as time recorders and time stamping machines) 4% / Information Systems (Manufacture and sale of systems and devices for managing time & attendance, personnel, salaries, and room access) 21% / [Environmental Systems Business:28%] Cleaning Systems (Manufacture and sale of floor cleaning equipment, including sweeping machines, scrubbing machines, and floor polishers) 10% / Environmental Systems (Manufacture and sale of systems and equipment that improve factory environments, including dust collectors and pneumatic conveying systems) 18%

Next, let's take a look at the history of our company to find out how we became involved in business activities related to the themes of "people and time" and "people and the environment"…