Environmental Principle

Environmental Principle

Amano Corporation recognizes we have a social responsibility to contribute to the creation of a “sustainable society” that balances both the environment and economy under the theme of “People and Time” and “People and Air”. We will promote business activities and environmental management that always consider environmental conservation from a broad-ranging perspective.

Environmental Policy

Basic policy

Based on our “Environmental Principle”, from research & development to production, sales and services, Amano will endeavor to achieve and maintain high environmental qualities across all levels of business activities.

Conduct guidelines

  1. Amano will establish an environmental management system that will be continuously maintained and improved by restructuring our organization and operations to practice environment-conscious business activities.
  2. All employees of the Amano Group will adhere to all environment related laws, regulations, and internal standards.
  3. Effective use of resources environmentally friendly will be practiced by reducing, reusing and recycling, etc. We will promote efficiency and rationalization at all levels of business activities, namely, production, sales, and services.
  4. Amano will endeavor to research, develop, and produce products, which are environmentally friendly to reduce environmental impact.
  5. All employees of the Amano Group will be subject to environment education and will strive to raise environmental consciousness.
  6. All employees of the Amano Group will be notified of this “Environmental Policy”, and will be made available on demand by the public.