Health Care and Mental Health

Health Care and Mental Health

At the Amano group, employee health care is viewed from a business management perspective, and in order to strategically promote “Health Management”, we have established a “Health Management Declaration”. In addition, dedicated industrial physicians and nurses have been assigned to take care of the employees

  1. Regular medical checkups, and lung, stomach, and colon cancer screening (introduced checkups for lifestyle-related diseases such as metabolic syndrome for employees over the age of 30)
  2. Health promotion support for employees including their dependants (medical checkups, breast cancer, and uterine cancer screening, and bone density measurement)
  3. Employee support through regular health guidance and consultation (individual consultations via interviews, telephone, and e-mails including branches)
  4. The provision of health information and education via inhouse electronic bulletin boards at each site
  5. Consultations and support via interviews and telephone by health staff for mental health care, liaise with medical institutions, and back-to-work support.
  6. Safety & Health support activities by the Safety and Health Committee
  7. Seminars by external instructors (physical & mental health, nutrition guidance, and first aid methods, etc.)
  8. Affiliation with sports clubs to promote mental & physical health
  9. Influenza vaccinations are available for all employees
  10. Conduct stress checks on all employees regardless of the size of their office

Online “Quit Smoking” Program

In order to improve employee healthcare, Amano offers a free online “quit smoking” program to help employees to quit smoking. This program allows smokers who wish to quit to easily access doctors online at a convenient location and time. The program also includes long-term periodic support and check-up calls via telephone and e-mails, which have proven effective to maintain a high rate of success.

Implementation of Stress Checks

From a stress management and mental health perspective, we conduct stress checks for all employees once a year. Each individual receives an analysis of their results and feedback, and we provide self-care training as needed. For employees with high stress, we recommend individual consultation with a doctor, which is provided by the consigned party that executes the test. In addition, the analysis results are fed back in the form of a report for each workplace unit, so that improvements can be made at that level. We also collaborate with industrial physicians to also help us improve the work environment.

Health and Productivity Management Organization 2023

Amano has been certified as “Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization 2023 (Large Enterprise Category (White 500))” under the Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization certification scheme jointly implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council). This scheme recognizes large enterprises that think about employee health management from a management perspective and work strategically.

Further, the Hosoe Factory has been certified as a “Hamamatsu City Work-Life Balance Promotion Workplace” under a scheme to promote work style reforms such as supporting worklife balance among employees (FY2017-FY2024). In addition, the Yokohama Head Office has received a class “AAA certification” as a “Yokohama Health Management Certification 2022 Certified Workplace”, under a scheme that promotes health management to strategically promote the health of employees from a management perspective (FY2022-FY2024).

Delivering Health Information (health literacy)

We distribute monthly health information to our employees, such as how to utilize the results of medical examinations, anger management, and mindfulness to consciously creates a mental state where one can concentrate only on the present moment. We prioritize the physical and mental health of our employees and their families. This not only improves job performance but enhances their private lives.