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In the field of “People & Time” and “People & Air”, Amano will create new values and contribute to the realization of a safe, comfortable and wholesome society. President & Representative Director Manabu Yamazaki

To our Shareholders and Investors

First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and patronage.

Ever since the establishment of Amano Corporation, we have placed “People & Time” and “People & Air” as our corporate theme, and customer satisfaction as the core essence of our business activities. All Amano employees work under the “customer-first” principle and will listen to customers. In addition, to make Amano an attractive corporation for shareholders and investors, we have placed the maximization of corporate value as the priority strategy for the management.

In the 9th Medium-Term Business Plan, we have set "The 4th Stage Towards a 100-year Company - Commitment to Paradigm Shift Leading to Sustainable Management" as our management concept.
Starting as a hardware manufacturer, we have grown as a company that provides total solutions including services such as software, cloud services, and consigned businesses, etc., in response to changing market needs and technological innovation. To further develop this trend, we will promote DX in each business field and execute strategic investments in software-based assets, IoT, AI, etc. In addition, we will improve customer convenience by enhancing the functions of standard products and further enhance our competitive advantage in terms of profitability. Furthermore, we will develop and expand our management infrastructure and work to solve social issues such as maximizing the value of human capital and reducing environmental impact.

As for the interim dividend, we have decided to add the dividend by JPY10 compared to our initial plan, to JPY40 per share, and the year-end dividend is planned to be 80 yen per share.

During the second quarter of the current consolidated cumulative period, although there are signs of recovery as economic activity normalized, but the economic outlook remains uncertain due to factors such as concerns about an economic slowdown overseas, the continued rise in various prices, and the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, etc.

Under such environment, in order to maximize our corporate value, we will strive to achieve the business targets as one united force by steadily implementing the business plan, and while doing so, we will strengthen and expand our management foundation.

Your continued support and patronage will be greatly appreciated.

Hiroyuki Tsuda President & Representative Director Hiroyuki Tsuda