Time Information Business

Time Information Business

(Information System・Time Management Products)

90 years of dealing with work styles.Streamlining HR operations with our solutions!

Our Time Information Systems business provides an extensive range of human resource solutions and cloud services such as Time & Attendance and Payroll management systems that can support various work styles.

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Features of Time Information Business

  1. Features 1

    Pioneer in time and attendance management

    For more than 90 years since our founding, we have continued to provide time and attendance management tools and know-how that meet the needs of the times

  2. Features 2

    15 million users*

    “One in five workers uses Amano attendance management tools.

    *According to our own research.”

  3. Features 3

    Strong support

    Based on our accumulated know-how, we provide proposals, system construction and configuration, and support tailored to your industry and operations, from pre-introduction to post-introduction.

Main products

  • Information System

    T&A Information Systems

  • Information System

    Human Resources Information Systems
    Payroll Information Systems

  • Information System

    T&A Information Terminals

  • Information System

    Employee Administration Services

  • Information System

    Access Information systems

  • Information System

    Photo ID card issuing services

  • Time Management Products

    Time Recorders

  • Time Management Products

    Digital Time-Stamp

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.

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