Amano Sustainability

Engagement with Stakeholders

The Amano Group’s business is built on a trusting relationship with its stakeholders, and we believe that understanding and meeting the requests and the expectations of a variety of stakeholders, including our customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, and local communities, will improve our corporate value. For this reason, we recognize the importance of dialogue with stakeholders,and the Amano Group conducts the activities listed in the table on the right.

Stakeholders Main Contents One Example of an Activity
Customers The Development and Provision of Safe
and Reliable Products and Services
The development and provision of Safe and
Reliable products and services
Thorough Quality Control
Promotion of Production Meister Certification
Protection of Personal Information through Information Security Management
Responding to the Needs of Customers Daily Contact with Customers through Direct Sales
Holding and Participating in Exhibitions and Seminars
Creating Innovation Implementing Open Innovation
Participation in One-Stop ETC Social Experiments
Business Partners Sustainable Procurement Formulation of Procurement Policies
Promoting Green Procurement
Implementing Human Rights Due Diligence
Information Sharing with the Supply Chain
Shareholders Appropriate Information Disclosure General Shareholder's Meeting
Sustainability Report
Timely Disclosure of IR Information on the Corporate Website
Global Enhance English Corporate Website
Employees Support for Diverse Human Resources Activities Human Resource Development, Education & Traing Programs
(Select-type, Enroll-type)
Initiatives for the Diverse Work Styles and Work-Life Balance
Occupational Health and Safety and Mental Health Measures Periodic Work Environment Measurements
Disaster Prevention Training
Medical Exams and Stress Checks
Consultation Service Setting-up the Amano Hotline
Local Communities Understanding Opinions and Requests Contact Point for Inquiries and Responses
Community Contribution Beautification and Cleaning Activities in local area surroundings
Promoting Sporting Activities

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