Aiming to become a global growth company, we will establish a solid business foundation. President & Representative Director Manabu Yamazaki

Amano’s management philosophy is to create new values and contribute to the realization of a safe, comfortable and a wholesome society in the fields of "People & Time" and "People & Air." Under this management philosophy and based on an optimal governance structure that responds to changes in the business environment, we will strive to maximize corporate value by ensuring sustained growth through the creation of new businesses and markets with a medium-to-long term global perspective, in addition to expanding our existing businesses. Furthermore, we will aim to become a company that has the trust and high regard of all the stakeholders including customers, business partner companies, shareholders, employees and the local community by constantly returning a fair profit earned through business activities.

Based on the long-term management vision of "Aiming to be a 100-year-old company", we have five businesses (information systems, time management equipment, parking systems, environmental systems, clean systems) that develop globally, mainly in Japan and North America, Europe, and Asia. System) Based on our long-term business vision, aiming "Towards a 100-year Company," the five business units (Information Systems, Time Management Products, Parking Systems, Environmental Systems, and Clean Systems) are developing their businesses globally mainly in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. Each business unit is striving to expand and deepen their domains as a global solution company, taking into account the characteristics of the business and the area where they operate in.

In the new 9th Medium-term Business Plan which commenced in April 2023, based on the management concept of "4th stage to a 100-year company - Initiatives for a paradigm shift leading to sustainable management", we will promote DX in each of our business fields by making strategic investments in software assets, IoT, AI, etc. In addition, we will work to improve convenience for customers by expanding the functions of our standard products, while further enhancing our competitive advantage in terms of profitability, and work to expand business performance by pursuing the following three growth drivers.
(1) Software and cloud business for Information systems
(2) Data center centric system proposals and consigned parking management services
(3) Robotic clean systems and supporting cloud businesses
Furthermore, we will expand and enhance our management infrastructure by strengthening corporate governance and compliance, , while working to solve social issues such as maximizing the value of human capital and reducing environmental impact.

Going forward, we will continue to aim to be a corporate group that is trusted and supported by our customers, and by practicing “Evolution built on Tradition”, seek to build a strong management foundation that is capable of sustainable growth.

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