Clean&Robot Solutions Business

Clean&Robot Solutions Business

Amano's clean products support manpower reduction and contribution to the SDGs!

We propose commercial cleaning robots, polishers, and floor washing machines that help solve labor shortages, and We propose ECO-cleaning using electrolyzed water, which is expected to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Features of Clean&Robot Solutions Business

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    Pioneer of commercial cleaning robots

    In 2014, we launched our first robot cleaning machine and became the first company in Japan to begin full-scale business development of commercial robot cleaning machines.

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    Automatic floor cleaner TOP SHARE in Japan

    Amano's "Automatic Floor Washer," which automatically cleans floors with water and detergent, has the TOP market share in Japan. They are used in train stations, airports, factories, and commercial facilities.

    *Our estimate

  3. Features 3

    Domestic production and maintenance

    While most commercial cleaning equipment is imported from overseas, Amano is committed to domestic production and maintenance, and has a system in place to respond quickly to problems.

Main Products

  • Autonomous robotic floor scrubber
    ※This product is only for Japanese domestic use.

  • Compact automatic floor scrubbers

  • Compact Carpet Cleaner

  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  • Floor Polishers

  • Electronic high-speed Burnisher

  • Hand-Pushed Sweeper

  • Electolytic water generators

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.

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Wood floor polishing equipment has the top market share in North America.
The United States has a large market for wood floor polishing equipment because of the large number of houses with wood floors in the United States, and wood floor polishing equipment is used in both new construction and remodeling.

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