Supply Chain Management

Amano Group Basic Procurement Policy

We the Amano Group are promoting activities in accordance with the “Amano Group Basic Procurement Policy” in our corporate procurement activities, in order to continue contributing to the “construction” and “creation of a comfortable global environment”. Even if you are a business partner, please understand this basic policy and cooperate as a good partner in contributing to society and the global environment.

1. Fair, Equitable, and Open Procurement

When selecting business partners, in addition to QCD balance, we will carefully consider stability, technology / development capabilities, transparency of information disclosure, and their compliance with laws and social norms, etc.

2. Mutual Development based on a Relationship of Trust

Through procurement transactions for materials, we will strive for coexistence, co-prosperity, and mutual development with our business partners.
To this end, we will strive to maintain and improve relationships of trust with our business partners based on long-term mutual understanding.

3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Social norms

In our material procurement activities, we comply with relevant international laws and regulations, as well as laws and social norms in the countries and regions where we procure materials.

4. Respect for Human Rights and Ensuring Health and Safety

When conducting material procurement activities, we respect human rights including responding to conflict minerals that may infringe on human rights, and aim to maintain and improve a healthy working environment and ensure health and safety.

5. Environmentally Conscious Green Procurement

We promote environmentally friendly development, design, production, and distribution activities. To this end, we will continue to improve environmental conservation in cooperation with our business partners by procuring materials with low environmental impact from environmentally friendly business partners.

6. Proper Information Management

We will properly manage and protect the confidential and personal information of our business partners obtained in the course of our transactions.

Established on 1st April, 2020 / Reviced on 1 October, 2023

Request to our Business Partners

The Amano Group contributes to a better society and environmental conservation through our procurement activities. Furthermore, in order to promote procurement activities to realize a sustainable society, it is essential that business partners who are our important partners also understand and cooperate with the Amano Groups Basic Procurement Policy and implement mutually cooperative initiatives. Therefore, we would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation, and active promotion of the following items.

1. Fair and Equitable Competition and Trade

Please promote sound and fair business management, in order to build mutual understanding and relationships of trust.

2. Building Relationships of Trust that lead to Mutual Development

Please always be aware of coexistence and co-prosperity, and strive to communicate well in order to build strong long-term relationships of trust.

3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We ask that you comply with all relevant international laws and regulations, along with laws and social norms in all countries and regions where you conduct business activities.

4. Consideration for Human Rights and Working Environment

Please respect the basic human rights of all people in employment and labor, and ensure and realize a safe and healthy working environment.

5. Promoting Green Procurement

Please promote procurement activities aimed at “preserving the global environment” and “building a sustainable society”.

6. Information Management and Leakage Prevention

Please properly manage and protect personal and confidential information obtained through business relationships..

7. Confirmation of the Status of Initiatives

We may ask you to confirm the status of your initiatives and provide information to ensure responsible procurement throughout the supply chain toward the realization of a sustainable society. In addition, we also ask for your cooperation, when we visit your business premises as necessary.