Latest Financial Information

FY2023 Business Results

During the fiscal year under review, Amano recorded net sales of ¥152,864 million, up by 15.1% year-on-year. Operating profit increased by 23.9% to ¥19,567 million, ordinary profit went up by 23.0% to ¥20,855 million, and net income attributable to owners of the parent company increased by 16.4% to ¥13,141 million, resulting in increases in both sales and profit.

Main factors behind the business results

  • At non-consolidated Amano, Parking Systems sales continued to significantly grow indicating that the recovery trend is clearly positive. Clean Systems sales also continued to increase due to stronger sales of cleaning robots. Information Systems sales increased in both software and hardware. Environmental Systems sales of standard dust collection systems declined due to the impact of lower orders for machine tools, but large-scale systems sales grew in response to demand for rechargeable batteries for EVs, etc., resulting positive overall sales.
  • In domestic group companies, the consigned parking lot management service business performed well, exceeding pre-COVID-19 results, and the cloud service business for T&A also continued to grow. The digital time stamp business continued to perform well, meeting the needs to respond to the requirements under the revised Electronic Books Preservation Act, etc.
  • In overseas markets, sales increased in North America, Europe, and Asia, partly due to the effect of yen depreciation. In Europe, sales of Information Systems in France continued to grow by capturing customer needs. In North America, Parking Systems sales increased due to the effect of new products, achieving a monthly surplus during demand periods, etc. with an improving earnings trend, while Clean Systems sales decreased due to a slowdown in the core wood floor sanding business. In Asia, Parking Systems sales grew in South Korea and Hong Kong, and Environmental Systems sales grew in Thailand.
  • As a result of evaluating the future excess earning power of a portion of the investment securities held by Amano as of fiscal year end, a loss on valuation of investment securities was booked in accordance with impairment accounting.