Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

Amano's Management Principle is to create new values in the field of “People & Time” and “People & Air”, and Amano will contribute to the realization of a safe, comfortable, and wholesome society. We understand that creating an environment in which individual human rights and individuality are respected to enrich people's lives is a natural expectation towards companies.
We will fulfill our own responsibility to respect human rights, aiming to realize a society in which human rights are always respected. Through our activities, we will avoid causing or contributing to negative impacts on human rights in every way throughout the entire value chain. Furthermore, in the event such an effect occurs, we will immediately work to remedy it through appropriate procedures.
In addition, based on such consideration for human rights, we will strive to build an easy-to-work and rewarding company with a diverse environment where all employees can maximize their individual abilities and share diversified values.
Moreover, this policy has been formulated based on international human rights standards, including the International Bill of Human Rights and the “ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work” of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

To fulfill our Responsibilities

resident & Representative Director Manabu YAMAZAKI

Established on 10 November, 2021
Revised on 1 April, 2024

Whistleblowing system on human rights accessible to all stakeholders

The Amano Group operates an "External Stakeholder Hotline" to prevent and mitigate the negative effects on human rights of our stakeholders. This hotline is a system for direct whistleblowing of issues that clearly cause or promote negative effects on human rights as a result of Amano's business activities, using the dedicated web form below.

External Stakeholder Hotline
Report Form

*Currently accessible only in Japan and available in Japanese language only