Environmental Business

Environmental Business

Dust collection and powder engineering to meet every requirement.

We provide dust collectors and mist collectors that collect dust generated in factories, and we continue to pursue a clean environment and air quality at workplaces. We continue to pursue a clean environment and air quality at workplaces.

Business domain

Features of Environmental Business

  1. Features 1

    Solid engineering capabilities

    We analyze the customer's situation in detail, combine the most suitable equipment, and respond to the customer's requests with our proposal and technical capabilities cultivated over many years.

  2. Features 2

    Compatible with all types of powders and granules

    We start engineering from analyzing the properties of the target powder or granule and propose a high-level system based on ISO 14000s and other standards.

  3. Features 3

    Dust collector TOP share in Japan

    Amano dust collectors have the TOP market share in Japan. Amano dust collectors are used in many factories, from "local" companies that support Japan's manufacturing industry to world-class "large" companies.

    *Our estimate

Main Products

  • Dust Collectors

  • Mist Collectors

  • Vacuum Cleaners

  • Air Purifier for Commercial

  • Large-scale Dust Collectors

  • Pneumatic Conveing Systems

  • Visualization for the Microparticles
    ※This product is only for Japanese domestic use.

  • Measurement for the Powder Phisicality

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.

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Overseas Topics


Amano Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

Local subsidiary to be established in January 2020.
Many Japanese companies have advanced into Vietnam, where development is remarkable. We have established an engineering, sales, and service system for environmental products mainly for Japanese-affiliated manufacturing companies, and are implementing detailed, locally-based proposals.

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