Initiatives at Branches and Sales Offices

Energy-saving measures of Sales and Service offices

Since FY2007, Amano sales and service offices have begun collecting data on environmental burden (consumption of electricity, gas, gasoline and other fuel, and water, etc.) from each regional office.
Since the ratio of electricity consumption to total energy consumption at branches and sales offices is the majority in terms of crude oil equivalent, we are implementing power saving and energy efficiency at these locations daily.

Purchased electrical power (total for all branches and sales offices operations)

Initiatives for company Car Usage

Regarding gasoline and diesel fuel for company vehicles running on public roads, the General Affairs division posts fuel prices on the electronic company bulletin board for all employees every month, in order to foster cost awareness. Since August 2018, we have begun introducing the telematics* systems for approximately 700 company vehicles to visualize driving status such as rapid starts, sudden decelerations, and excessive speed, etc. aiming to improve driving manners (eliminate accidents) and to raise awareness of eco-driving. In particular, for eco-driving, we are also conducting educational activities by incorporating “10 eco-driving recommendations” into all employee training.

* Telematics: A system where the person in charge is able to remotely grasp the driving status of a vehicles through an electronic module equipped with GPS communication capability, which is installed in the vehicles.

Fuel consumption (total for all branches and sales offices)