Initiatives toward Environmental Management

Amano recognizes that our social responsibility is to contribute to the formation of a “sustainable society” that balances the environment and the economy. All business activities at Amano will always take into consideration environmental protection and will actively promote environmental management. In order to do this, we have acquired the international certification “ISO14001” for environmental management.

ISO14001 Certification

August 1999 Acquired by the Hosoe Factory
January 2000 Acquired by the Sagamihara Factory
April 2007 Acquired by the former Miyakoda Factory and a group subsidiary, the Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. located at the same premises.
April 2014 With the restructuring of the factories, the Hosoe Factory and the Sagamihara Factory acquired ISO14001:2004
July 2017 The Hosoe Factory and the Sagamihara Factory updated to ISO14001:2015

Certifications obtained at each factory

Factory Certification standard Certifying Institution Examination registration No. Initial registration date Renewal date Expiration date
Sagamihara Factory ISO14001:2015 SGS JP00/017315 2000/01/24 2023/07/03 2026/07/03
Certification scope :
"Manufacture of Parking System"
"Manufacture of Time Recorders, and Products for Time Information System"
Hosoe Factory ISO14001:2015 SGS JP99/016547 1999/08/13 2023/07/05 2026/07/05
Certification scope :
"The design and manufacture of dust collectiorn systems, pneumatic powder conveyance systems and floor cleaners"
"Manufacture of electrolytic water generator " "Measurements for working environment"