Amano Sustainability

In order to solve various social issues through our business, it is essential to promote understanding of sustainability among each and every employee.In line with the Basic Sustainability Policy formulated in October 2021, the Amano Group is conducting the necessary training in stages to ensure that each and every employee and director understands the importance of sustainability.

Sustainability Promotion Activities

Induction training for leaders

With the formulation of the basic sustainability policy and the establishment of the Sustainability Committee, we held a sustainability seminar for our executives and the presidents of our domestic group companies, inviting outside lecturers.


Training for upper management

Training was held for upper management with an outside lecturer on the theme of the "Essence of the SDGs and the Significance of Corporate Efforts".


Basic Training

Basic training was conducted for all employees and directors to understand “what sustainability means” and the company’s policies, etc., in order to implement sustainability initiatives.

Regular training

Amano conducts regular training (e-learning) for all employees and executives every year to promote sustainability within the company.
The content of the training is designed to promote understanding of the daily progress of global trends and Amano’s policies and initiatives.

Continued Education

We compile various topics, such as keywords related to sustainability and social issues in the world, into a column, which is regularly sent out to employees. The columns are intended to deepen employees’ understanding and encourage them to take action by providing more in-depth and easier-to-understand information on each topic than is provided in regular training sessions.

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