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Basic Philosophy Structure

Pivoted around the “Corporate Motto” which represents the immutable spirit since the company’s inauguration, “Amano Group’s Basic Philosophy” consist of “Management Priciple”, “Management Guidelines”, “Management Policies” and the “Code of Conduct”.

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Corporate Motto

社訓 鈍根運
Don means to take proper action. You can demonstrate don by performing your work with honesty, transparency, respect for individuality, cooperation with others, and a commitment to excellent service.
Kon means to show patience and undertake unwavering efforts. You can demonstrate kon by performing your work with enthusiasm and seeking to improve in every aspect of your responsibilities.
Un means luck or good fortune. To succeed, we must not simply wait for Un (luck) to come our way. We believe that if we demonstrate don and kon in our work and lives, it will lead to un - good fortune.

Management Principle

Management Principle

Management Guidlines


Employee Code of conduct

  • Be honest and modest

  • “True to the Basics”

  • Serve people and society with
    consideration and gratitude

  • Be open to change

  • Be Pleasant and Communicate

  • Look out to the entire world

  • Be willing to put in the effort

  • Grow with our customers

  • Commit to and Deliver on Our Goals

  • Always observe the worksite

  • Engage in active and healthy lifestyles

  • Be a representative of the Amano Brand

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