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  • Consolidated Sales(As of March 31, 2024)

    1,528billion yen

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  • Consolidated number of employees

    5,335(As of March 31, 2024)

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    1961 Global expansion

    60years of overseas expansion

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Business Area

Consolidated Sales 1,528billion yen (As of March 31, 2024)





Amano has had two business themes: "People & Time" and "People & Air.
By delivering solutions that enable efficient use of time,along with eco-friendly products and services that build a safe and carefree workplace,we continue to develop businesses to help society.

Time 「People & Time」

Time Information Business

Amano strongly support strategic personnel planning of companies by providing the systems for Time & Attendance and payroll management that can accommodate diverse work styles. Amano also provides consistent solutions for various personnel and labor issues that arise during employment starting from recruitment up to retirement.

  • Time Recorders
  • T&A Information Systems
Parking Business

From the parking systems for cars and bicycles to other various surrounding issues related to parking, such as products, management, operations and construction work, we have the solutions to respond.

  • Parking System
  • Bicycle Parking System

Air 「People & Air」

Environmental Business

We are engaged in particle engineering, dust collectors, mist collectors, and industrial vacuum cleaners. From compact dust collectors to large-scale equipment, we offer a wide range of products, and have a wealth of experience in handling customized products.

  • Dust Collectors
  • Pneumatic Conveing Systems
Solutions Business

We have developed a wide range of product lineups that meet the needs of our customers, such as industrial cleaning robots, scrubbers, and polishers that are useful in resolving labor shortages.

  • Autonomous robotic floor scrubber
  • Compact automatic floor scrubbers
About business and products

Amano Products used in Society

With the themes of "people and time" and "people and air", we support people's lives in various ways.

Government offices

Staff attendance management, and improved convenience for users of public facilities!

Personnel and labor management system

Access control system


Total control of security and attendance management with a single non-contact IC card!

Personnel and labor management system

Access control system

Service to issue IC ID cards to employees

Digital time stamp

Industrial vacuum cleaner


Improve the environment inside factories and achieve a safe and secure working environment!

Dust collector

Parking lot management/security gate system

Personnel and labor management system

Automatic floor scrubbers

Robotic floor scrubbers

Shopping centers

Achieving cost reductions and overcoming labor shortages by streamlining store operations and saving labor!

Parking / Bicycle parking lot management system

Access control system

Robotic floor scrubbers

PC-linked time recorders

Supports telework

Supports attendance management in telework and remote work. Supports various employee notifications!

Cloud-based time and attendance management system

Personnel notification cloud service

Railway stations

Control of illegally parked bicycles around railway stations and maintenance of the aesthetics of the station!

Parking / Bicycle parking lot management system

Robotic floor scrubbers


Manage the attendance of doctors, and enhance both employee and user satisfaction!

Access control system

Personnel and labor management system

Electrolyzed water generators

Automatic floor scrubbers

Parking / Bicycle parking lot management system


Management of employee and teacher attendance data. Proper management of hygiene within facilities!

Personnel and labor management system

PC-linked time recorders

Industrial air purifier

Electrolyzed water generators


社訓 鈍 根 運

Corporate Motto "Don, Kon, Un"
“I put all my knowledge and skills into my work. Success cannot be achieved overnight. This is why my motto is Don, Kon, Un.”
(From Founder: Shuichi Amano Quotes)

Founder: Shuichi Amano

"Don, Kon, Un"

The Corporate Motto “Don, Kon, Un” is the belief of our founder, Shuichi Amano, and the corporate spirit of the Amano Group.

AMANO’s History

1931 天野製作所創立

The creation of
the first made-in-Japan time recorder


Amano begins sales of industrial vacuum cleaners.
(Environmental Business started.)


Amano established its first overseas
subsidiary in New York


・Company is renamed to AMANO Corporation.
・Computer employment management system
“ARECODATA SYSTEM” is released.
( Time Information Business started.)


Parking ticketing machine “Parking Master” is released.
(Parking Business started.)


The Hosoe Plant in Hosoe-cho,
Shizuoka is constructed


Parking lot management equipment
is released.


Completion of the first overseas
manufacturing factory in the US


・Formed business alliance with Germany’s HAKO WERKE (1981) and began sales of cleaning equipment.
(Clean System Business started.)


Tsukui Factory is established.


Amano commemences local production in Europe
Completion of Amano Electronics Europe, N.V. (AEE)


Amano Cleantech Malaysia SDN. BHD. is established in
Malaysia as a subsidiary.
Asian market development


An integrated production facility for dust collectors is
completed in the Hosoe Factory.


PC-linked time recorder “TimeP@CK” is released.


Amano acquires a US company Terry McGann &
Associates, Inc. through the US holding company and
renames it Amano McGann, Inc.


Amano acquires Horosmart S.A. and its subsidiary
Horoquartz S.A. in France.


Autonomous robotic floor scrubber “SE-500iX” is released.

About History

Strengths of Amano

  1. Organized for Holistic Proposals

    From R&D and manufacturing to sales and support, we are organized in such a way that all stages are concluded within the Amano group and thereby enabling us to pursue the best solutions for our customers.

  2. Extensive Product Lineup and Consulting Capabilities

    All of our business units possess an extensive product lineup and strong consulting capabilities backed by years of experience and abundant know-how. With this, we are resolving the various issues of our diverse customer base.

  3. Fully Fledged Customer Support System

    A dedicated support center is established for each service. In addition, we have approximately 70 branch offices nationwide from Hokkaido to Okinawa to provide close support to our customers.

  4. Niche-top development capabilities

    Respond to market changes by leveraging accumulated development assets and open innovation.


Amano's Sustainability

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