Amano Sustainability

Materiality Formulation

The Amano Group is engaged in the fields of "People & Time" and "People & Air," and we believe it is important to contribute to solving social issues through these businesses while coexisting with all stakeholders.
In order to identify the key issues for the Amano Group, the Sustainability Committee and the Corporate Planning Division conducted a series of studies and deliberations, and in July 2023, identified the following Four Themes and Eight Materialities.
Going forward, the issues and the KPIs will be set in accordance with the materialities in each division and we will promote the efforts to address them.

Materiality Identification Process

To identify materiality, we first extracted social issues by referring to the SDGs and GRI guidelines, and then selected possible materialities by taking into consideration our management philosophy, businesses, and medium- long-term vision.
The selected possible materialities were narrowed down based on what we consider important and what stakeholders expect from us, taking into consideration both business opportunities and its risks, and with this in mind, we held meetings with each department to confirm their recognitions and to listen to their thoughts.
The Sustainability Committee Secretariat and the Corporate Planning Division then compiled and prepared a draft proposal. The draft proposal was then finalized by the Sustainability Committee (Chairman: President and Representative Director), and the Four Themes and Eight Materialities listed above were reported and acknowledged by the Board of Directors.

*In Step (2), materiality evaluation is conducted on two axis as follows, and items that are considered highly important on both axis are identified as materiality.

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