Human Resource

Basic Strategy on Human Capital

Our group corporate stance is to be a company that has and will continue to work with and nurture "people". To this end, we view human resources as human "assets" and have created a corporate culture centered on our people. In order to continue to be an attractive company for both our customers and employees, we aim to create a vibrant and energetic organizational culture by fostering people who can feel the changing trends of the times, continue to change themselves, think and act on their own initiative, and take on new challenges.

Human Resource Development Policy

Based on the long-term management vision of “Aiming to be a 100-year-old company,” the Group positions maximizing the value of human capital as one of its most important social initiatives. Aiming for “both company and individual growth,” the Group will promote various measures related to human resource development in order to support self-motivated employees who can think and act on their own and develop truly professional human resources who possess high levels of expertise and broad insight.

Policies to Enhance the Workplace Environment

In order to maximize the value of human capital, we recognize that it is essential to create a work environment that leverages diversity. By promoting well-being management and work-life balance, we value the independence and creativity of each employee, as well as coexistence and co-prosperity with each employee. In addition, we will ensure workplace safety, protect the physical and mental health as well as privacy of employees, and strive to create a sound work environment where individuality is respected.

Targets and Indicates in Human Capital Management

Targets FY2023 Result FY2025 Plan
Education and training costs per person 34,200yen 50,000yen
Female manager ratio(*) 2.7% 5%
Manager ratio among female employees 3.6% 10%
Male childcare rate 40% 50%
Health Screening Attendance Rate 100% 100%

(*)Targets are non-consolidated Amano Corporation