Parking Business

Parking Business

Amano parking systems are everywhere in the city!

We provide parking equipment and cloud services, as well as management and maintenance. By providing a one-stop service, we contribute to the creation of comfortable cities for cars and people.

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Features of Parking Business

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    Amano for parking systems

    Our parking business began in 1967.
    For more than half a century, we have continued to provide products, services, and know-how that keep pace with the changing times.

  2. Features 2

    60% share of domestic market for gated parking lots

    Gated parking equipment with gates at entrances and exits accounts for 60% of the domestic market share and is used in many facility parking lots.

    *Our estimate

  3. Features 3

    Lump-sum service from equipment supply to management and operation

    In addition to providing parking equipment, the Amano Group offers total support for parking management and operation.

Main Products

  • Ticketless LPR

  • Parking System

  • Parking System
    (Flap-Locking type)

  • Parking Facility Data Center Services

  • Bicycle Parking System
    (Gate-type)(Individual Locking type)

  • Security Gate Systems

  • Toll road systems

  • Commissioned Management Service

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.

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We provide total solutions, including design of parking systems in Korea, where digitalization is progressing, and operation and management tailored to customer needs.

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