Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Amano Quality Activities (Quality Management Systems)

The social responsibility of any manufacturer is to provide its customers high quality products, systems, and services which are safe and reassuring. In order to maintain maximum customer satisfaction, we have been certified under the international quality management system ISO 9001 for “Design, development and manufacture of Parking System” and “Design, development and manufacture of Time Recorders, and Products for Time Information System” at the Sagamihara Factory and Head Office, and “Design and manufacture of dust collection systems, pneumatic powder conveyance systems and floor cleaners” and “Manufacture of electrolytic water generator” at the Hosoe Factory. Each workplace is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the PDCA cycle in accordance with ISO 9001 so that we can always provide our customers with the best products and services. In addition, there were no violations of regulations and voluntary codes for product and service information and labeling in FY2022.

Certifications obtained at each Factory

registration No.
Head office and Sagamihara Factor ISO9001:2015 SGS JP98/011884 1998/01/08 2023/07/03 2026/07/03
Hosoe Factory ISO9001:2015 SGS JP99/015829 1999/03/25 2023/07/05 2026/07/05

Production Meister Certification

For the personnel involved in the “making of things”, the Production Meister Certification is a program which judges, certifies, and authenticates the degree of knowledge and skills of the managers, frontline supervisors, group leaders and production line personnel in aspects pertaining to Role, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Environment (R, Q, C, D, S, E). In addition, it also measures the degree of knowledge and skills in production management and their roles in innovative production in their respective job positions. we are seeking to further improve quality by promoting our workers to obtain this Production Meister Certificate (formerly known as Efficiency Expert).

Production Meister original badges

Production Meister original badges
We distribute Amano original Production Meister badges to qualified personnel to wear for the purpose of showing their skills and sharpening other wokers desire to acquire such skills.

Improvement Proposal Activities

All of our factories have adopted improvement proposal activities and allow anyone to submit proposals, which helps to improve manufacturing ef f iciency and product quality. In addition, if inferior or faulty products are found, we make a thorough diagnosis using “Near Miss incident” and “Five Whys” analysis to find the true cause of the problem. In this way, we are taking effective steps to prevent occurrence and recurrence. In addition, we implement small group improvement activities aimed at solving common problems. While aiming to solve problems, we also seek to develop independent and problem-solving human resources and revitalize the organization.

Improvement Proposal Activities

Small group improvement activities presentation meeting

Customer Support System

Our basic stance is that “The manufacturer is responsible for providing appropriate services from the installation of products and systems through to after-sales service”.
Adhering to our “Customer First” basic policy, which implies “listen to your customers”, all business activities are geared to obtain customer satisfaction and through this, we will continue to pursue the quality and cost effectiveness that meet the market so as to provide our customers with the products, solutions, and services that they need.

Nationwide Customer Service Network

From the northern Hokkaido to the southern Okinawa, we have branches, sales offices, representative offices, sales & marketing divisions (71), system centers (23), and sales & service stations that cover the entire country. In addition, we along with our 7 domestic group companies, which engage in state-of-the-art R&D and various service operations, can provide consistent and reliable services to customers.