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Is Amano Growing? Our Company From a Long Term Perspective

Growing over the long term

Amano has grown approximately 2 times over a period of 20 years.
This indicates that Amano has sustained steady growth over a long term.

Looking at Amano's financial results of 20 years ago (FY1996), sales were approximately 54 billion yen and our operating profit approximately 6.1 billion yen.
In contrast, our sales for FY2020 were approximately 113.5 billion yen and our operating profit approximately 9.9 billion yen.
After the FY2009 "Lehman Shock", Amano achieved 10 consecutive years of growth in both sales and profit. Although we continue to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since FY2020, we are determined to achieve 140 billion yen in consolidated sales and 18.5 biliion yen in operating profit in FY2022.

Investment and growth in human resources

Amano's human resources have increased as it continues to grow:
Transitioning from a machine manufacturer to a system solution provider

As of FY2020, our consolidated number of employees increased to approximately 5,000 from approximately 2,600 in FY1999. We have established group companies in Japan and abroad in order to continue the provision of high-quality services and innovative products. Our organization is also evolving as we grow.

Overseas growth

Securing business growth in overseas markets through proactive M&As:
Today, Amano's overseas sales account for approximately 35% of its total sales

The most important aspect of our current growth is our overseas growth.
In 1964, we established our first local subsidiary in the United States when we opened an office on Fifth Avenue in the middle of New York.
We started our overseas business development more than half a century ago, but in recent years, we have accelerated our overseas growth by establishing local subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities as well as through M&As.

As of FY1999:Percentage of sales 54.0 billion yen Percentage of overseas sales:Approx. 17%(Approx. 9.4 billion yen) / As of FY2009:Percentage of sales 78.5 billion yen、Percentage of overseas sales:Approx. 26%(Approx. 20.7 billion yen) / As of FY2017:Percentage of sales 124.4 billion yen Percentage of overseas sales:Approx. 33%(Approx. 40.7 billion yen)
Key M&As of overseas companies
2007 (U.S.A.): Acquired Terry McGann & Associates, Inc.
- A company that develops and sells parking lot management software
- Expanding and enhancing our parking business in North America
2008 (France) Acquired Horosmart, SA
- An information security-related company
- Expansion in Europe based in France
2010 (U.S.A.): Acquired Accu-Time Systems, Inc.
- A company that manufactures and sells information system equipment
- Re-establishing our information system business in the North American market
2014 (U.S.A.): Acquired a wooden floor sanding equipment business from Nilfisk-Advance, Inc. to expand our clean systems business in North America
2018 (U.S.A.): Acquired a valet parking business from Service Tracking Systems, Inc. to expand customer base in North America

So, what is behind Amano's growth? What differentiates Amano from its competitors?
Next, we will take a closer look at Amano's "strengths".