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Business Concept

Basic Policy

Under the 8th Medium-term Business Plan, with the Group's management concept of "The 3rd Stage Towards a 100-year Company-Establishing a solid business foundation that leads to sustainable growth," we will address the following two key issues towards achieving the goal of enhancing our corporate value while keeping ESG management in mind and emphasizing the establishment of a business management system that is suitable for the era of globalization and further efforts to ensure thorough compliance as a foundation.

    1."Invest into Growth Drivers"
    • In response to the movement of DX (Digital Transformation), promote digitization and IT in each business field.
    • Solid strategic investments in growth drivers such as software assets, IoT, and AI, etc.
    • Continue to invest in venture and/or start-up companies and engage in M&A to build the sixth core business.
    2."Absolute Competitive Edge"
    • Each business division and group company shall grasp their strengths using the SWOT analysis method and invest accordingly as in ① to further strengthen their advantages.
    • Through synergistic effects of the strengths revealed above, further enhance the competitive advantage.
    • Promote deepening and expanding the customer base.
    • Enhance product lineup which are in line with market trends.


The target of the 8th Medium-term Business Plan is the achievement of the "AVERAGE 12% in the 3KPIs."

  1. Operating profit ratio (OPR): Achieve at least 13%
  2. Cash conversion cycle (CCC): Shorten by at least 12%
  3. Return on equity (ROE): Achieve at least 11%


[Aiming to become a 100-year Company] Sustained Growth:Triple10(Operating Profit Ratio 10%Plus, ROE 10%Plus, Cons OP / Parent OP 10%Plus), Enterprise Scale:Expand (Sales: ¥130,000mil, Profit: ¥13,000mil), Management Efficiency:Enhance (ROE Oriented), Coporate Governance:Evolve (1.Improve Corporate Value-Promoting Growth Strategies, 2.Enhance Management Transaparency, 3.Strengthen Internal Audit Mechanism as a Corporate Group, Consolidated Management:Reinforce (Promoting Integrated Management, Promoting Growth Strategies for both Domestic & Overseas Group Companies, Synergy Effects), Compliance (Compliance & Safety First)

The 8th Medium-Term Business Plan

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Amount Change% Amount Change% Amount Change%
Sales 110,000 -17.3% 125,000 13.6% 140,000 12.0%
Operating Profit 7,000 -56.7% 14,000 100.0% 18,500 32.1%
Operating profit Ratio 6.4% 11.2% 13.2%
Ordinary Profit 7,800 -53.8% 15,000 92.3% 19,500 30.0%
Net income attributable to owners of the parent company 6,100 -42.3% 10,000 63.9% 13,000 30.0%

*(In million yen)