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Cleaning Systems

These systems help provide beautiful floors and clean, pleasant living spaces.

Buffing machines and floor polishers give a beautiful buffed finished to floors in commercial facilities and convenience stores.Automatic scrubbers maintain clean floor surfaces in train stations, commercial buildings and factories. Carpet cleaners strip away dirt and grime from carpets subject to heavy usage such as in offices and hotels. Amano clean system products such as road surface cleaners and sweepers are highly efficient for cleaning paths both indoors and outdoors and by "sweeping" "washing" and "polishing" Amano is helping to maintain a clean and attractive environment around us.

Products Lineup

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Reproduces the movements of a skilled operator om automatic mode.It will help to reduce cleaning costs.
(This product is only for Japanese domestic use.)

Compact automatic floor scrubbers

Easily operated hand-pushing type. With its compact body, this scrubber has outstanding maneuverability.

Electolytic water generator

It can be used to maintain hygiene in nursery schools, elderly care facillities, and in the food industry. It is a compact electrolyzed water generator that can be placed anywhere.

Ride-on Automatic Scrubber

Compact body allows easy maneuver through narrow passages. Ride-on automatic scrubbers can clean wide floor surfaces in a short time.

Electronic high-speed Burnisher

Easily operated hand-pushing type This compact buffing machine is capable of polishing extensive floor areas in a short time.

Carpet Cleaner

This cleaner has been specifically designed for fabric floors such as carpets. It applies hot water at a maximum of 80°c to give a powerful cleansing effect and the dirty water is extracted instantly.

Hand-Pushed Sweeper

This is a dust suction type hand-pushed sweeper. It can easily clean up large and tiny trash both indoors and outdoors.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Amano offers a lineup of diverse models from dry filter types ideal for the office, wet & dry dual filter types, and HEPA filter types for factories and stores.

Floor Polishers (Manufactured by Amano Musashi Electric Corp.)

In addition to the conventional standard types, Amano also offers "easy" polishers, which can be handled by anyone, along with new concept models such as vibaration-type polishers and air polishers.

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.