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Parking Systems

These systems support maintaining a pleasant urban life for people and vehicles via use of parking lots and parking facilities.

Our gate billing systems are used at a wide variety of parking facilities such as for shopping centers and hospitals. Our flap-lock parking systems are heavily used for coin parking. Amano parking products are utilized in all types of locations around the city including bicycle parking lot in train station parking facilities. Amano contributes to creating a better world designed for both people and vehicles.

Products Lineup

Gate-type Systems

These systems include a gate bar mounted at the parking lot entrance and exit to allow only registered parking users with permits to come and go.

Flap-lock Systems

Flap plates are installed in each vehicle space to lock the vehcle.This system lowers the flap-lock plate when the vehicle space number is entered and the parking fee is paid.

Bicycle Parking System (Individual Locking type)

Individual lock devices are installed in each bike parking space thereby allowing individual control by space.

Vehicle Guidance System

Vehicle guidance to vacant spaces will ease traffic congestions caused by concentration in specific areas and/or complicated vehicle passageways.

Parking Lot Management Software

This software provides centralized management of parking lot hardware and integrated control of sales data and the number of vehicle units, etc.

Security Gate Systems

These are gate systems ideal for gatesways of office buildings and factories, etc.These systems prevent unauthorized entry and illegal parking and maintain a full history of entries and exits to the structure.

Parking Facility Data Center Services

Parking Facility Data Center Services

The customer's parking facility can be linked over a network to our data center to allow easily checking parking lot usage on a Web browser to analyze sales by way of sales slips and the car park usage rate.

Commissioned Management Service

  • Sales & pay collection tasks
  • Replenishment of consumables
  • Sales data creation tasks

Commissioned Management Service

  • Investigation & Analysis
  • System planning
  • Management supervision
  • Improved management

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.