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Time Information Systems

We will assist in the creation of a pleasant and comfortable work place by observing the time of the workers.

Timestamps that accurately record the data on billing and documents. Time recorders that record work start (clock-in) and finish (clock-out) times. Amano information systems and time management Products are used in countless situations in offices and businesses for verything from worker data management to work hour spreadsheets and calculating payrolls including work hour, payroll and personnel systems that efficiently process a wide variety of information.

Products Lineup

HR Time & Attendance(T&A) Payroll Cafeteria Access

T&A Information Systems

Gives an accurate look at work time and vastly improves the efficiency of aggregation processes. Allows creating an optimal T&A management system by matching diverse information infrastructures.

Payroll Information Systems

This software speedily and accurately processes payroll tasks ranging from monthly payroll calculations, year-end adjustments, to social insurance renewals.

Human Resources Information Systems

This software speedily searches and analyzes the necessary information from massive quantities of personnel information.
It provides overall support for personnel tasks ranging from personnel transfer simulations, evaluations, analysis, and periodic promotions.

Access Information systems

These systems restrict access of outsiders and reliably record access by those with permits.IC cards allow speedy entry-exit access without having to depend on keys.

T&A Information Terminals

Timecards, IC cards and Biometric authentication, Amano provides a wide lineup of terminals and network connectability for clock-in and clock-out entries.

Access Information Terminals

Elimination of unauthorized access is the first step to office security and to preventing information leakage.IC cards can replace conventional keys and achieve smarter security.

T&A / Payroll / HR Cloud Services

Versatile product lineup includes everything from simple time recording to time aggregation and hourly payroll calculation.

PC Interfaced Time Recorders (TimeP@CK)

Connect the time recorder to your PC, and calculate time and wages.
Aggregated data can be output to match commercially available payroll software.

Time Recorders

Versatile product lineup includes everything from simple time recording to time aggregation and hourly payroll calculation.

Electronic Time Stamps

Smoothly and accurately records the time on all types of billing and receipts.Models equiped with wave clock function are also available from our product lineup.

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact us for further information.