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Amano Corporation Personal Information Protection Policy

The Amano Corporation (hereafter called our company) was first founded in 1931 and reestablished in 1945 as a company offering a diverse range of products and solutions for business operations including information systems, time management products parking systems, environmental systems and clean systems.

Our company believes it has a duty to society to protect all personal information including the personal information of our customers and so has established the following "Personal Information Protection Policy" which Amano will strictly and meticulously uphold.

1. Continual improvement of management systems for safeguarding personal information.

  • Our company has established a personal information protection management system in compliance with Japan Industrial Standards JISQ15001 that relates to the safeguarding of personal information. We will strive to implement, maintain and also periodically review these standards to make continuous improvements.

2. Complying with legal requirements for protecting personal information.

  • Our company will identify legal requirements involving the handling and protection of personal information, national policies and other standards and will strictly comply with these rules.

3. Specify what is personal information.

  • Our company will establish procedures for identifying personal information provided for our business operations, will make ourselves aware of multi-faceted risks in handling that information, analyze the situation, and strive to make corrections and prevent loss or damage due to leakage or disclosure of personal information.

4. Principles for obtaining, using and providing personal information.

  • When acquiring personal information, our company will specify its purpose and shall be obtained in a lawful and fair manner.
  • Our company will manage the acquired personal information in an appropriate manner and with the exception for cases where such information is legally required, shall limit use of that information within a specially restricted range and establish measures to prevent use of that information for any other purpose.
  • Our company will not disclose or provide the acquired personal information to third parties unless the subject individual has given their consent and/or the information is legally required.

5. Help Desk for inquiries, consultation and complaints.

  • Our company has established a Help Desk to assist people with inquiries, consultation and complaints regarding our personal information protection management system and the handling of personal information.

[Help Desk for inquiries, consultation and complaints]

Phone:045(439)1507 Sales & Marketing Planning Division (direct line)
FAX:045(439)1150 Sales & Marketing Planning Division

Enacted: Jan. 23, 2004 / Revised: Aug. 1, 2013
AMANO Corporation